Grow Your Business & Thrive as a Whole Person
Grow Your Business & Thrive as a Whole Person

"Fantastic Tutorial!"
​How to Get Your First (or Next) 10 Clients

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Our students say...

"I was stuck in fear and didn't know how to build a business or believe in myself. Once I started the Incubator, the feedback helped me get past my 'imposter syndrome' feelings and develop self-confidence. Now I'm on my way to creating a viable business!" ~ Grace Orosz, RN-BC, HN-BC

"I started with no business education or experience. Within the first several months of the Incubator lessons and coaching, I secured my first contract and leveraged that opportunity to propel me forward in the growth of my business." 

~ Maria L, BSN, RN, HTCP

"I went from being insecure and having no clue about business, to feeling that I know not just how to attract clients and have them pay for my service, but having deep insights into who I am and why I want to help. This makes it so much easier to know my next step.” ~ Maja Cæcilie Hansen Hofstetter, RN, Denmark

"Before working with Sharon, I felt super confused, anxious, and overwhelmed with all the different tasks and marketing strategies. Now I feel so much more in flow instead of like I'm pushing a heavy rock uphill!" ~ Alyssa Saquilayan, BSN, RN, NC-BC

Our clients say...

"I highly recommend Sharon as a business guide, coach, and mentor. She has an incredible ability to ask probing questions in a noninvasive way, such that I can hear my own thoughts and develop my leadership skills authentically.” 

~ Kilty Inafuku, E-RYT500, YACEP, Executive Director of the Hawaii Yoga Institute

“I can’t thank you enough, Sharon! I now have a path to realize my dream of supporting nurses to achieve important professional goals to improve clinical care... I look forward to learning more from you.” 

~ Margo Halm, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, Associate Chief Nurse Executive, Nursing Research & Evidence-Based Practice, Magnet Program Director, VA Portland Health Care System

"Sharon is a wise and compassionate business advisor who has a wonderful business mind! She saw the potential in our course and helped us with our marketing approach. Now a hospital is paying us to offer our course to its staff.

We're extremely grateful for Sharon's help that made this possible!"

~ Lindsay Leimbach, Co-creator of the Stress Shifter Skills Course

"Sharon has been such an amazing coach, approachable leader, informed mentor, and most importantly, a calming presence through all my questions... and her knowledge of nonprofit organizations has helped me tremendously as a board member in a new executive leadership role." 

~ Elizabeth Berry, DNP, RN, Nurse Educator at Hawaii Pacific Health & President, Hawaii Yoga Institute

Our peers say...

"It is a JOY to work with Sharon! She is a thought leader who's contributing to the evolution that is taking place in healthcare.” 

~ Lyn McCright, MPH, APRN, GNP, CNS, AHN-BC, HWNC-BC, Director, Advancing Nurse Coaching

“Sharon is knowledgeable, caring, holistic-focused, and great to work with for any nursing business related need.” 

~ Margaret Erickson, PhD, RN, CNS, APHN-BC, CEO, American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation (AHNCC)

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