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 Each month the Liberated Nurse Entrepreneurs Community provides an exciting new webinar and a group coaching Zoom to help you grow a thriving, sustainable business that increases holistic wellbeing for you and the people you serve.

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Protect Your RN License Using the Holistic Nurse Business Development Framework

Wednesday, March 6, 2024
7 pm Eastern ~ 4 pm Pacific

The Holistic Nurse Business Development Framework is a structured, evidence-based process that provides guidance for entrepreneurial nurses to get clarity on the legal, ethical, practical, and personal dimensions of having their own businesses. This workshop focuses on how to protect your license. 

In this 60-minute workshop, learn how to use:
  • The single most important legal resource that tells you what nurses MUST DO and MUST NOT DO in their practice, including their businesses
  • The 4 most important professional guidelines that tell you what nurses CAN do in their business
  • The most important professional support resources that provide clarity on what you can do in your business


Participants who attend live can ask questions.

All registered participants will receive the recording and handouts.

Free "First Tuesdays" Business Coaching Zooms

Every Month
7 pm Eastern ~ 4 pm Pacific

Bring your business challenges, questions, and celebrations to the free Liberated Nurse Business Coaching Zooms on the first Tuesday of EVERY MONTH! 

These coaching calls are 60 minutes long, they cost you nothing, and you can ask us anything about developing your business.

Each "First Tuesday" Zoom will include a short announcement about one of our programs.

The recordings of these calls are available on the Liberated Nurse Entrepreneur YouTube channel.

Past Workshops

Designed for Entrepreneurial Nurses by the Liberated Nurse Entrepreneurs Community!

Get Your First (or Next) 10 Clients with Low-Risk Steps

Tired of spending hours on marketing tactics that aren't working for you?

In this free 60-minute workshop, learn how to:

  • Increase your revenue without risking your license or savings
  • Communicate with the audience (niche) you want to serve
  • Implement the first essential steps to reach those people
  • Help people get clear on if your service is a good fit for them

7 Secrets for Taming Your Inner Saboteurs

Do you have doubts, fears, and other inner saboteurs that are holding you back from growing your business with confidence?

In this free 60-minute workshop, learn how to:
  • Confidently activate your entrepreneurial strengths and genius
  • Use your self-sabotaging thoughts as fuel for your professional growth
  • Find your unique path to growing a stable, successful business through focused, low-risk steps

More Coming Soon

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Our students say...

"I was stuck in fear and didn't know how to build a business or believe in myself. Once I started the Incubator, the feedback helped me get past my 'imposter syndrome' feelings and develop self-confidence. Now I'm on my way to creating a viable business!" ~ Grace Orosz, RN-BC, HN-BC

"I started with no business education or experience. Within the first several months of the Incubator lessons and coaching, I secured my first contract and leveraged that opportunity to propel me forward in the growth of my business." 

~ Maria L, BSN, RN, HTCP

"I went from being insecure and having no clue about business, to feeling that I know not just how to attract clients and have them pay for my service, but having deep insights into who I am and why I want to help. This makes it so much easier to know my next step.” ~ Maja Cæcilie Hansen Hofstetter, RN, Denmark

"Before working with Sharon, I felt super confused, anxious, and overwhelmed with all the different tasks and marketing strategies. Now I feel so much more in flow instead of like I'm pushing a heavy rock uphill!" ~ Alyssa Saquilayan, BSN, RN, NC-BC


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