Are you dreaming of having your own business?

One that supports a life you love?

And makes a difference in the world?

Are you afraid you’ll fail to make a secure living?

Are you feeling stuck because you don’t have a real business education, skills, or confidence?

If Any of These Describe You, then Our Nurse Entrepreneur Starter Kit Course Will Help You

What's in the Nurse Entrepreneur Starter Kit course?

You get 3 modules containing 13 step-by-step lessons with videos, worksheets, and templates to start your successful business!

Step 1

Start with You

Start with You

  • Where to Start and Why
  • How to Deal with Your Inner Saboteurs
  • How to Leverage Your Strengths
  • The #1 Thing to Commit to (Most nurses miss this!)

Step 2

What Do You Want?

The Holistic Nurse Business Development Process & Map

  • Which Business Model Is Best for You?
  • How to Define Success Your Way
  • How to Claim Your Lane
  • How to Stay on Track & Out of Trouble

Step 3

How to Choose Your Best Next Step

Prepare Your Cash Runway & Choose a Macro-niche

  • Finances: How to Measure & Manage Them
  • How Much Time & Money Will You Need?
  • How to Choose a Thriving Niche Market
  • How to Prioritize & Choose Your Next Step

“Now I have a path to realize my dream of supporting nurses to improve clinical care. I look forward to learning more!” ~ A Nurse Educator in Portland, OR

The Nurse Entrepreneur Starter Kit Course guides nurses through the important first steps of starting a successful business... with confidence and authenticity!

Downloadable lessons, worksheets, templates & videos like these usually sell for $200-$400 - but this Starter Kit Course is only $27.

This course is our gift to nurses who are dreaming of being entrepreneurs.

We believe starting out right is vital, and it shouldn't cost a lot to ensure you are well-prepared!

“In the past, when I heard the words ‘scope and competencies,’ I didn’t really understand what they meant, but the Starter Kit course has given me a new view on their importance, especially now that I’ll be working on my own.” ~ A Nurse Coach in Chicago, IL

Created by nurse entrepreneurs for nurse entrepreneurs

The Nurse Entrepreneur Starter Kit Course is designed by Sharon Burch, MSN, a nurse entrepreneur with more than three decades of business experience.

And it's enhanced by continual improvement feedback from nurse entrepreneurs who are using the Liberated Nurse Holistic Business framework, process, and map.

Here's What You'll Receive

  • 13 Easy-to-Follow Lessons in 3 Modules
  • Worksheets & templates
  • Links to reliable resources
  • Instructional Videos
  • Practical step-by-step instructions
  • A private online learning platform where you can ask unlimited questions
  • Private mentoring is available to help you, too!


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